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We are passionate about orphan care. We currently house 27 boys in our orphanage and provide assistance to the caretakers to four orphan girls who live outside the orphanage.

We believe in:

• Identifying the unique needs of orphaned children and addressing those needs through medical, developmental, psychosocial and educational programs

• Nurturing orphaned children with the love and attention that is each child’s birthright, so he may grow, learn play and, ultimately, lead a productive, dignified life.

• Encouraging partnerships with like-minded organizations, both in-Afghanistan and the U.S., so Orphan House Foundation can extend its reach, leverage its resources effectively, and ensure sustainability and consistent growth.

Leadership - US

Dr. Kadeer M. Halimi

Kadeer came to the United States from Afghanistan when he was ten years of age and mostly grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He completed medical school and an Emergency Medicine residency, and currently works in Fremont, CA. He is passionate about taking care of the poor around the world, especially in Afghanistan.

Wali M. Halimi

Wali M. Halimi was born in Kabul Afghanistan and came to the United States after finishing high school. He has worked in the Silicon Valley for more than thirty years and he is passionate about spending his many life's blessings to look after orphans.

Zohra Hammaward

Zohra Hamnaward was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and came to the United States at the age of four. She completed her Undergraduate Education at San Jose State University and went on to Dental Hygiene School in Aptos, CA. She currently practices dental hygiene in San Francisco. Zohra enjoys working with children. Her passion is to help children in war-torn countries build a better future for themselves through education.

Munur Safi

Munir Safi has a background in journalism and marketing. Community service-minded with a passion for following the Prophetic mandate to shelter and feed orphans, Munir brings a breadth of past volunteer experience. He works to leverage his experience to bring about greater awareness about the orphanage and its mission.


Orphan House Foundation (OHF) was founded in 2010 by Dr. Kadeer Halimi, an emergency room physician, who has dedicated his life to working with children. OHF addresses children’s physical and mental health, their education, and their ability to plan and plot their future on their terms so they can achieve a life that is productive and fulfilling for their country. We really believe it is not where we start — it is where we finish. Dr. Halimi’s founding mission is to care for the orphan children in Afghanistan with the same level of love and conviction that he provides to his three children in the U.S. Orphan House Foundation aims to provide a lifestyle, not a shelter. Its goal is to extend care to as many orphans as the organization can reasonably support. The European Union in 2013 recognized Orphan House Foundation as “the best orphanage in Kabul.”

Orphan House Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the U.S. and registered as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with Afghanistan’s Department of Education.

Growth Timeline

Since 2010, Orphan House Foundation has operated an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan that currently houses more than 20 orphans boys. Our mission is to care for orphans in Afghanistan as we would raise our own children here in the U.S. Peruse our organizational progress and consider supporting Orphan House.