Hashmat Haidari

Having been born and spending my character defining years in my war torn Afghanistan, I have deep roots and connections to the people and culture of my country.  As many other Afghans fleeing the country during the Soviet occupation, I was able to find salvation in U.S. and have enjoyed the comforts of this country.  But never have I forgotten or disconnected from my countrymen who face dire challenges and lack basic essential that we take for granted.  The most vulnerable are the widows and the orphans of war.  Anyone helping the children by providing care and basic essentials will help in shaping the future of Afghanistan.  One organization that has been doing this with utmost transparency, honesty and dignity is the Orphan House Foundation.  I have been supporting the OHF and have seen them create the best environment for the group of children under their care.  I have had the pleasure of personally visiting the Orphan House multiple times and witnessing their loving approach to better the lives of these children.  I am a proud donor to this organization and I urge you to help their cause and pledge your annual support.

Mohammad Arsala

I visited the orphanage several years back.  One thing that always stick to my mind is Dr. Halimi's statement that he would treat these orphans as if they were their own kids.  I could attest that what I saw at the orphanage was they were receiving the best that Afghanistan could offer.  They were going to a top private school.  The kids had after school tutors.  They were well taken care off and most important were very happy at the orphanage.

Feraidoon Mojadedi

There are many orphanage projects in Afghanistan and they are all worthy of our support.  The reason why I support the Orphan House is because they treat the orphans as they would treat their own children. Providing them with the highest level of education, safe and clean living environment, taking good care of them physically, mentally, spiritually and a special focus on their religious duties. May Allah continue to bless this noble project.

Fahim Mojaddedi

Orphan House is selflessly providing housing, educational services, and medical aid to our beloved Afghani brothers and sisters in need."

"My father, may God have mercy on his soul, took honor in supporting Orphan House because he knew that the founders and leaders of the organization were honest, upright, and trustworthy individuals. As a family, we also see this in the leadership of Orphan House, and that is why we have continued to support Orphan House over the years and intend to do so for as long as we are able to, IA."